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Acetate pendants which combines small, big and trimmings links

Pendant made of Black and blue marble twisted acetate with Silver-plated ring

Pendant made of Tokyo, black and green twisted acetate with Gold-plated ring

Pendants with octogonal acetate ring and cotton cord

Cotton cord pendants with flat metal ring

Magnifying glass on black and orange acetate, with free small felt case

Square acetate pendant with acetate ring

Acetate pendant which combines small and big links.

Pendant made of cotton with a plated silver ring declined in 21 colors and 2 sizes . Signed by Valrose s :  ø 2.5 cm  L :  ø 3.5 cm 

Asymmetric black and tokyo acetate pendant with black acetate ring

Braided cotton pendants (63cm) with a large plated silver ring (ø 3.5cm)

Square metal chain pendant black and gold with small gold link

Acetate pendants with an integrated magniflying flower glass

Metal chain pendant with an integrated acetate leaf magniflying glass

Pendant made of cotton with square acetate ring.

Pendants with round acetate ring and cotton cord
Showing 1 - 16 of 21 items